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Contextual NewTab Monetization

AddonJet is the Guaranteed highest paying ad network on the market specialized in Clean and safe New tab ads. New Tab ads are a great way to generate Highest revenue from worldwide traffic. We offer minimum 7$ per day per daily 1000 active users. CPM rates Depends on traffic quality.

Contextual Search Monetization

AddonJet Contextual Ads search program enables publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. AddonJet display relevant text ads consisting of sponsored links and ad topics. We aim to strike the right balance between relevance and revenue to deliver great performance.

Video Ads


Addonjet makes it easier for publishers, broadcasters, and app developers to monetize their digital content across devices. We support high value video and in-web display formats, including native ad units With our Smart contextual in content video advertising.

NET0 Payment Term

  • We hate all those NET30, NET60 payment terms and we are sure you are not a fan of those as well. We send payments every end of the month. You can request withdrawal of your revenue any time you want


When using Addonjet, you are guaranteed to incorporate a safe, clean and respectable component into your extension. our services are completely transparent, giving you and the user the tools needed to understand where an ad originated and how to remove unsavory content.

Traffic From All Countries Accepted


Geo Name RPU Range Revenue Per 100k
US $0.0250 $2500+/day
GB $0.0170 $1700+/day
CA $0.0130

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